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Choosing A Bridge

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First project. Bolt-neck, 24 3/4" scale, rosewood neck and board, korina body. Not sure my skills are up to angling neck pocket or recess mounting a TOM-style bridge. Does angling neck heel to use TOM justify the wood loss? If not, I've been told to use a flat mount bridge. Is there "better" transfer to the body with TOM vs. flat mount? Is there a big differece between string-through body vs. top loading? Not interested in trem on this guitar. Thanks...


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this is a real easy bridge to fit

3 screws and its on - if its in the wrong position its easy to relocate

there is plenty of adjsutment and it comes with a shim which pulls off to lower the profile

i built one guitar using this bridge and it sounded killer - so, for a first project this bridge is ideal


Thanks. What are your thoughts on string-through vs. top loaded bridges?

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The general idea is that a string thru enhances the sustain, but I dunno. I have not tried those old 70s tele that had string trhu but with a top load option in the same bridge. That would have been the ultimate test machine for this topic.

But I have tried the shaller bridge for both guitar and bass and it is very nice.

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I see G&L uses a top loading "saddle lock bridge" on USA made ASAT models - tension screw pushes saddles together so they "vibrate as a single mass." At those prices you'd assume there wouldn't be any sacrifice in tone relative to their string through bridges. But then again, it may just be cheaper for them to install. The G&L bridge has extension on the bottom that requres a rout. G&L says the extension, and the side mounted saddle lock, results in greater transfer of string vibration. Mumbo jumbo?

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Those G&L Bridges are awesome. They have them on the Tribute ASATs too (what I have). It is a nice big sturdy piece of metal and that guitar sustains and sounds better unplugged than any solid body I own.

I have a dirt cheap top-loader on my first project body and it sounds good too but comparing it to the ASAT bridge really makes you appreciate the ASAT. Now that I know that the body I built actually functions (first build, remember), I am probably going to drop the cash for that nice Shaller bridge up there. If nothing else, it will let me experiment and figure out what string spacing I prefer.

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