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What Wood Is This?

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I need some help here. I can't figure out what kind of wood this guitar body is made of.

It's a 2002 Squier made in China (serial starts with CY). It's one of the Affinity series.

I'm going to put a different bridge on it and a couple of humbuckers. After that I want to

fill some holes (the tremelo rout and some of the rout for the pu's) with wood and

wood paste, but before I do that I need to what wood it is made of.

From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squier_Stratocaster) I've learned that it's either Basswood, Alder (don't think so) or

Agathis (never heard of it before.) I hope anyone can help me on this one.


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It could be agathis. I never really looked into agathis before, but found a ton of info with a 2 minute search on Google. Not to sound harsh, but a lot of the info you need can be found with a simple search. Back to the topic, from your picture and the little bit of wood you can see in the neck pocket it could be agathis. My other guess would be cedro. I don't know if Squire ever used cedro, but I know the lower end Jacksons which are owned by FMIC have used cedro.

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Thanks. Sorry for not searching myself, but I never heard of Agathis before. I found

a couple of pictures and I suspect it is Agathis. I think I probably can't get that easily

over here, so I'll probably using a different piece of wood. Ah well, it's a Squier,

can't do much harm to it I guess.

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