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Need Help Repainting Tom Delonge Strat !

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Hi everyone ! This is my first post here ! So right now, I want to paint my Black Tom Delonge strat, I purchased it a year

ago off ebay for $650.00 , Its a 2001, mexican build. Ive already took everything out of the guitar. So I now

have a bare body. And before I get to the sanding, I of course need to know what type of paint I want to use. I already

know I want to paint it surf green. And I just need to know what type of paint I need to use. Ive read alot of "how to paint your guitar tutorials" on the internet and some suggested "car paint". And Ive looked around the internet and Ive found

surf green "nitrocellulose lacquer" for the white primer, the surf green lacquer, and the clear coat, added up is about

$93.00 USD :D Thats kinda over what I want to spend. But I do want it looking as close as possible to a factory finish.

So my question is can I go the cheap way and achieve a nice finish ? Or is the "nitrocellulose lacquer"the way to go ?


Nitrocellulose Lacquer:


Finish Im going for:


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I done the same thing you're doing about a year ago with my Tom Delonge Strat. I did spend more money and bought the tape that stewmac sells (www.stewmac.com) about finishing guitars. And then to buy all the paint that they use will burn a hole in your pocket but it was worth it to me. If I knew how to put a pic I would post one.

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I've had decent luck using spray paint sold in auto parts stores for car touch-ups. Make sure to take all the old paint off and to start with as smooth a surface as you can get. Your finish is only as good as your prep. I used primer, then the colour(s) then as usually whatever clear I can get out of a big can of clear. I then do some wet sanding and finish with Meguire's buffing compounds. I use the method from Dan Erlewine's "Guitar Player Repair Guide" book. If you can get a hold of that (I've seen it at some libraries) you should get it and check out that section. It's not right by me so I can't give you exact details at the moment but that's the rough idea.

I've done 3 guitars using the auto spray cans.

:D :D

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