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Help Mounting A Bad-ass Style Bridge.


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Since I will install a Bad-Ass type bridge, I have to be right on the money with the correct spot.

What do you guys do to get it right on?

When using a tailpiece, I did the tailpiece first and then figured the bridge intonation after.

That way the strings were taught and I could gauge it better.

With a Bad-Ass, it's a one shot deal.

Thanks for the help.


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in my opinion wiht this style bridge what you do is this

get your measurement

1/2 scale length from the 12th fret

mark that out, eyeball where the bridge should go, make sure the line you marked gets within 3mm of the saddle.

how heres the tricky part

move the bridge so the saddles are a little over 3mm infront of the line (closer to the neck)

then screw it in

now comes the TOUGH part

getting it intunated

i assume you know how to do this

if not ill be more than happy to explain!

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Thanks there brother.

I just don't want the saddles to be OK during the building stages,

then find that once mounted the intonation is off because the saddle needs to move more.

Then it won't be able to, because the saddle is maxed-out.


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