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Here's a quick link I happened to be looking at before I stopped here.


8/4 means it's 2 inches thick. I think the boards ar 6 inches wide and the price is by the board foot. see the second link for figuring it all out. I am by far no expert -I always email and tell them what I want and ask how much it costs. :D


Pretty pricey stuff! It sure is purdy though!!

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I know this is an old thread, but I found this when I was researching woods to choose for a bass. I wish I can remember where I got this info from though, sorry...

"Cocobolo 1136, weight: 68 lbs per sq ft. is not good for gluing, because of natural oils in it (good for tops!)"

So obviously its used (& glued) in guitars, but supposedly not the best choice I guess because of the oils in it??? Who knows, I know I don't.

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I'm pretty sure it's used quite a bit in acoustic guitars. Oily woods can still be glued but you need to prepare them differently. I seem to remember a bit of a debate over whether wiping them with naptha (I know that's not spelled right) helps or hinders but there is a procedure for gluing oily woods. Someone here must know it.

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while reading alembic's site i noticed in one of their shop threads

they mentioned they wipe cocobolo with acetone before gluing

i had also read that this wood was difficult to glue due to oils

i emailed them to get the skinny on it all

they were most gracious & replied that this is the secret

also they mentioned sizing or pregluing

as also being condusive to a successful glue up

happy playin


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