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how should i rewire my strat?


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I have a mid 80's standard strat with a noisy volume pot. I've decided it's time to replace the pot,and since I'm in there, maybe doing some modification. I've been to "guitarnuts.com" and am committed to the sheilding modification..the noise induced from my computer crt is unbearable....and i'm wondering what else I shoul do? I like the idea of push/pull pots to activate pickups in any combination, but what other cool stuff could I do with the unused 5 way, or a replacement 4 pole 5 way selector. I've also considered a master volume, master tone and a third pot wired to a "black ice" clipping diode. I'm trying to keep the look original, but I'm not married to the idea and would add a switch or three if it did something neat. any ideas?

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I know this isn't what you're looking for but...

My friend left his guitar at my place for a week or two. He's a major practical joker, so I re-wired his guitar for him. I changed the pickup selector switch to work in different positions (neck works in the mid spot, bridge works in neck spot, down setting is kill, etc...)

I also switched his volume and tone pots, and removed the grounding to the bridge. :D

Am I evil?

He didn't even notice for a week after he remembered he left it at my house. B)

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my strat could end up like thatr before i'm done.... but i am leaning toward a Brian May "red special" wiring. pickups wired in series, with on-off-on mini toggles to switch each pickup 'in phase-off-out of phase', maybe replacing the 5way with a three way to wire a parallel/series/kill switch. something akin to the 'modified Brian May Red Special' at the



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