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This sure takes patience


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Again, thank you for the answers to my "how to paint the top and bottom post.' Armed with the great responses, and having painted the front of the Saga PRS kit, I attacked the back and sides.

Upon painting the back, which felt glass smooth to the touch, I now notice every little imperfection in the wood. Lots of little scratches that could not be felt, but can now be seen.

I did not notice this with the front of the guitar, but I only used very thin coats of Guitar Reranch aerosol wood dye on the front.

Is what is happening with the back:

A. Normal and the continued application and sanding of the lacquer coats will take care of this, or

B. Not normal and I need to re-sand the back of the guitar.

I'll tell you, I really have a respect for anyone that does this for a living. And I though programming databases was hard!

Thanks again.


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Try applying 3 thin coats and wet sand it with 1200-2000 grit then add three more very thin coats and see how it looks.

I'm not going to say strip it back down but I will say finishing prep work is the biggest factor in how easy or hard a paint job can become to get the desired finish.

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