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Problem With Neck Angle

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sounds like you may have a bowed neck. check it out with a straight edge and get back to us.

EDIT: When you say "off the board," you do mean fretboard, right? Or are you talking about an acoustic guitar and a (sound)board?

yes, FRET board. sorry for not making it clear. nope, neck is dead straight. tried multiple adjustments, and just cant get it.

EDIT: got it a little better, but still hits the high frets if you go too low on the action.

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That's what I was think too, Setch.

Sounds like the nut is way too high causing the strings to get closer to the fingerboard as you get closer to the bridge instead of the other way around. Fret your strings at the second fret and see how much gap there is between the srting and the top of the first fret. It should (personal preference) be just about touching the fret.

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Put a capo between 2nd and 3rd frets, and use a feeler gauge to see how much of a gap you have....it should be a gap so small that you can't see it easily by eye, you need to use the feeler gauge. As Doug said this is a matter of personal preference, but I shoot for a gap ~0.002 or less, but not touching the first fret (i.e. you can still "hammer" the string onto the first fret between #1 and #2 and still hear a high-pitched tone).

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