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Anyone fancy building one of these?


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i actually have an old carlsbro bass amp sitting in my room here at school which has a spring reverb unit in it. (ive taken the amp and the nice big 15 inch speaker out of it lol) i havnt actually had chance to get the reverb unit out of the box yet but if ur interested then i could take some pliers to the annoying clip screw things and get some pictures or whatever of it. ive actually been meaning to play around with it myself since a decent reverb unit would be prety cool.

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lol ah i c. i had loads of slinkies but i spent most of the time trying top get them blooming untangled lol.

ive got the reverb unit out tho atm i have no digi cam available. basic design is using 4 springs. theyre joined up in pairs to make 2 springs.

its quite hard to describe what they have at each end. looks sort of like a transformer thing. ill have to get a photo so you can see properlly. im definatelly thinking of taking this into the design block here at school and making a full analogue reverb unit out of it

im thinking it would make a seriouslly nice stomp box, a fairlly large one mind you lol (this thing is about a foot and a half long)

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