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Metal Nut


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So, I was about to setup a friends new 7-stringed Warlock when the damn nut cracked!

I'm thinking he should get one out of metal, since I've never had any problems with the floyd nuts.

This is a tune-o-matic styled guitar and the strings to be used is 10-52 and 70 for the low B and it's tunes down one half step.

Any ideas? ATM I'm super-gluing the nut together.

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floyd nuts are only nessesary with heavy string bending, otherwise their a big hassle. brass nuts are probably good, but may take a while to get the slots right (and i dont think you can get pre slotted ones for 7 string) id go for a simple bone nut or something of the sort. you can even use feeler gauges to make the slots (either use a needle file to create a saw like pattern on the gauge, or if you have an accurate caliper, you can put some sand paper around the feeler gauge to get the right size, and use that. i use a combination of the 2 methods.

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