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Super strat project


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Hey everyone!!

I thought Id shoot some pics of my super strat I am building. Its nothing fancy.

Im not looking to build a 'sweet' looking guitar, just a nice super strat I can rip it up on..

I haven't decided if Im going hard tail or term.. likely hardtail this time around..

Still lookin into what bridge I will get..

It is a usa fender body with a usa Hamer boomerang neck. 2 SC's from somewhere and im throwing in a Duncan TB custom made in the bridge.

the P guard is a 57 RI for now until I get a mirror to try out tho I think im going all black..

After I get the trem,, I will need to check for height/action as the guitar was not made for the neck and I may need to take some off.

I also plan on taking the neck down after its all set up.. And man, I really want to do that now but I wont know till its assembled.. I guess im just taking my time...

Here yas go:




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No Brian, I thought it too until i looked closer at it.

The logo script actually runs thru the the end of thr head, (where it looks shaved)

Its prettyt cool.

I picked up that Hamer neck with that trashed body in Mississippi last year, remember the pics i sent of the bad sustaniac cav route?

Yeah so i finally got around to doing something with the neck...

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