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Phase Shifting Und Sustaining


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Can anyone hazard to guess if there would be any interoperability issues with the following, can they co exist in harmony :D..the only this I am missing is the sustainer, if its is not going to be compatible with the set up I just do not want to blow my $$ on it. (Fernandes Sustainer http://fernandesguitars.com/fsk101.html)

(Dual humbucker set up with the sustainer in the neck H position, Ceramic Bareknuckle (passive) Warpig in the bridge to drive the sustainer etc)

EMG Phase shifter (Pi2)

Kill Switch

EMQ Pre amp boost (PA2)

I dont really understand the relationship between the BH and NH, how the BH drives the sustainer etc, and whether the phase shifter will interfere in either on or off position. Hopefully it will have nothing to do with each other but I dont have the smarts to figure it after a day of reading lol...sigh

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