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Carved-tops: Angled Tops ?


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I'm starting work on my second build which will be again a carved-top, this time maple on mahogany.

I've noticed that some deep-carved guitars angle the top (with respect to the body) before carving. PRS among them. Others don't: like Hamer I believe. And yet others just angle the area of the top where the fingerboard sits, like the venerable LP.

I got away reasonably well without angling the top on my first build. And was wondering if I should do it for the second.

So the question for the carved-top enthusiasts in the Forum: Do you angle the top or not ?? And what are your reasons if you do ??

Thanks for the insight !!

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the reason prs angle the whole of the top is so that they can have a gibson like feel (with the neck angled back) but with a fender like set up with the vibrato system. it also keeps the strings parallel to the top unlike a gibson where the strings are higher at the bridge than they are at the end of the fingerboard. i dont know if this has any tonal value or not and iv never done it soi cant really comment if it feels any better or not

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