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Has Anyone Used Testors Spray Enamel?

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^^^ I guess you need to get your second hand info straight! Because PRS has been using clear for automobiles for years now, and I don't see anybody complaining about it!

A little more to this point, what you think they use to paint the Corvette and other fiberglass cars out now, what about the Saturn that is all plastic? Do you think that a piece of mahogamy or maple in a guitar is going to move more that what a fiberglass or plastic is going to flex?

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Second hand info is WRONG! Most manufacturer's use ONLY polyurethane bases and clears on the cars and trucks out, because it is more durable, much nicer looking, and remains FLEXIBLE for all the plastic bumbers and such. Laquer and enamel are the ones that stay brittle and chip off ....ever seen a really old LP that's original and the clear is cracked to hell? :D

The clears out in the auto industry right now are nothing short of amazing performance wise. Why people still use nitro baffles me.

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