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how to do a neck angle??

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hi all im currently making a guitar for my school project n fear iv bitten off a bit more than i can chew so im desperately trying to do a gd job. the problem i have got it i am using a schaller combination bridge a to be precise. i have worked out that the bridge means a neck angle must be used but i am unsure as to whether it is the actual neck which is angled or the neck pocket?? im sure someone knows which.... also whats the best/easiest way to do it?? p.s does anybody know if my schaller 455 combination bridge needs to be andgled back wards like some prs combination bridges or straight???

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eg __\ __ ___|___ if that makes any sense and anybody can help me with either of my questions i would appreciate it alot!


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the easiest way is draw a long line, the but the bridge at one end, (actually draw the height), measure the scale of the guitar (25" for example) from the saddle position and there's where the nut goes (you'll need a nut reference height.. about 0.100 from the top of the 1/4"fingerboard). now add 1/4" to the long line you started out with, it should be about 19-1/2" long from the nut. that's the fingerboard, if the line you drew from the bridge to the nut is over 0.100" from the fingerboard around the bridge end of it (where the 24th fret would be) you need to angle the fingerboard (the neck) backwards, just tinker with your drawing till you get it right, i've heard 2-3 degrees fairly often so that's probably what you're looking for but, don't quote me on that

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