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install a floyd rose into a START

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I'm sure there are lots of other ways, tutorials, etc.

But where I learned was from the Stew-Mac/Dan Erlewine video, 'Tremolo Installations'.

He shows how to do Floyds from scratch as well as retro-fitting one into a pre-existing Fender tremolo Strat.

Great video, jammed full of tips to make things easier, and the most common mistakes to avoid, and all the tools you'll need.

That's my recommendation. My first one I ever did after watching the video came out perfect.

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I did it on an Epiphone strat that I have. Basically, just pulled the posts out, filled the holes, drilled new ones, put the posts in and attached the FR. Not a great job but hopefully I'll be selling it soon so I can get a 7 string with FR for ?166 brand new :D

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