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Guitar Hero I Green Lightning Paintjob


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I am now completely finished with the guitar I've been working on except for the paint. I started off this guitar thinking I would paint it exactally like like the green lightning les paul in guitar hero I. Now I am not so sure if i should since it they came up with the design and i am not sure if they would mind if i copied it. I don't plan on selling this guitar or making more that one so I don't see anything wrong with it but I thought I would ask your opinions.

This is my guitar so far


Here is the Green lightning les paul if your not familiar with the game


Heres just something i did in photostudio


I'd love to hear your opinions.

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If it's just for you, there's no trouble with the law, and only an idiot would see it as anything other than a tribute.

If your sense of style and aesthetics tells you it'd be a cool finish for your guitar, there's no reason to not go ahead with it.

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