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Body Shaping Advice

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Hi all--well, here's the latest with the semi hollow Jag:

Set the neck into the body:


Routed the pickups:


Routed for the controls and the tremolo:


Now need to round these edges:


I know that I should probably just use the router with a round over bit but am a bit leery due to the dreaded "tear out" word. I'd hate to mess this up after all of this work!!!

I have a drill press with drum sander that I was thinking of using to gradually take down the edges or was thinking about using a random orbital. I have a belt sander and a palm sander that I can use for additonal shaping.

Any advise on techniques or tools would be greatly appreciated.


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well, what i do, even though it takes a long time, is this

i get my rough body shape on a bandsaw,a nd leave about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of extra wood around the shape. then to shape it i just go around with a hand sander (drum sander would work to, but would give you less control) and just sand off the edges. that way you get no burn marks from say a router...

i dont know if this helps at all, but i hope it does

EDIT: i read the rest of your post

if you are doing a bevel and dont want to use a router go grab yourself a rasp.....some bengay dumbells and start shapping away :D, i find that the rasp is a best way to shape wood. its more personal.


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You should be fine if you do it in 2 passes. First pass with the bit 3/4 of the way down, the 2nd pass with the bit all the way down (i.e. so you're almost skimming the top). Make sure you're routing in the right direction and don't get too close to the neck if your neck is already in (neck-thru or set neck).

I personally got myself a router table mainly for doing roundovers, and I've never regretted it. The router stays absolutely fixed and you keep 2 hands on the piece at all times.

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Many thanks for the advice--in reading it all I think I may give the router method a try first.

I'll get a scrap of leftover piece of body wood and glue on a scrap of top wood, then I'll try the two step routing process described by Erik. I'll also give the "climbing" route methods a try as well.

I'll take a look at making a routing table using some flat, wide laminated shelving material that i have for the table top--if that turns out to be too much trouble I'll go get one from Home Depot.

If the trial routes work out and I feel comfortable with the set up, I'll then take it to the guitar. If not, I'll drop back and sand.

I'll post results when I get 'em.

Thanks again.

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as long as your using a pretty new router bit ( not dull) and you rout the right way (link to stew mac above) you really shouldnt have any tear out. Just dont rush it and try to take the cut in one pass... when i rout things like that, i do it it multiple passes and i just make sure i cant feel any resistance in the router. If i can feel the bit cutting and i feel resistance... i back off until i can only hear it cutting. Works for me so far 5 guitars later. Good luck!

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