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Material Tutorial Question


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Hi everyone i must say what a great web site,

ive purchased a guitar kit ( strat ) body is sealed allready and i wnat to use the

material finish, ive read the tutorial a few times now and im still getting confused on the following


Now that you have finished your initial trimming it is time to pick out the filler of your choice. There are many options available on the market from sprays to pastes which all dry rock hard and clear. What your going to need now is a sandable sealer or a wooden grain filler which dries clear and is easily sandable. For me I tend to lean towards the pastes and my trusty cheap brush. Anyway if you choose the spray look to do up to 5 coats to get the desired thickness and make sure that you coat underneath the fringe of the edge which is still sticking out. With the paste you will want to brush it on thick and across the weave of the fabric then allow to dry.

does the above mean that you only brush the filler over the top and bottom material edges that have come over the body

or does it mean paint the whole sides of the body where there is only wood showing ( stained )

Im geussing that its just for the edges of the material so that when u clear coat the guitar the frayed edges wont show

if someone has a better pic that they could send me of a finished guitar sides covered in material it would be good

thanks again


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