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Wanted: Someone To Finish This Body!


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Hi guys,

Long story short, I bought this tele type body last year thinking I'd finish it BUT I've had second thoughts, I really know down deep that I have no business trying this at this time,,, I have NO experience spraying finishes and this is in my opinion much too nice a body to "learn" on, so here's what I want to do,,,,,,,,,,,,

I want to end up with the top being stained as close as possible to the shade of blue in the picture , the back and sides with no stain and all shot in clear gloss, and one other thing, I want a nice deep "belly cut".

SO, who wants to do this for me?


Here's the blue I want.



Here's more pictures of the body: it's quilted maple top, and walnut body,,,,,,,,,,,






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SO, who wants to do this for me?

These guys will.

Wilkins Guitar Finishes

Boston Guitar Works

USA Custom Guitars

Marty Bell Finishing

You really can't do it for much under $300. Expect an additional cost for the belly cut.


Any of those would be good. Beware anyone offering to do it for an unbelievably low price, odds are the work will be shoddy in the end.

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I'm in Columbus Ohio. I could do it at work but from previous experiences and seeing as how we don't do guitars every day, you'd be paying about $500, maybe more depending on what you want. It might take a month or more as well, we're backed up.

Thanks but there's no way I could afford that much,, I think I'm about to get this worked out with another member guys.



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