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"dead Spot" On Fretboard


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I just finished revamping a used body and neck. (they were in good condition, no visible problems) new electronics, new paint job etc.

However. I have a big problem.

the 3rd string on the 7th fret doesn't resonate. Sounds more like a hollow twang and then buzzes if I loosen my hold just the slightest.

I've tried changing everything, string height, bridge height, nut height, sanding down the fret, adjusting the truss rod.

having a higher action reduces the effect a little bit, but that's a poor solution.

I can tell it's a problem w/ the fret since when I bend to that spot w/ other strings they fret out also (or die a tinny death).

The odd thing is, is that I had the same neck on a different guitar a month ago and didn't have this problem.

(after that the neck sat seperate from any body while it's new finish was drying)

Do I need to replace the fret itself?

any advice would b really appreciated!!


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You mention adjusting height, but have you adjusted neck curvature (ie. truss rod adjustment)? With a superlative fret job, some people can have dead-level fretboards. I know a few people on this board who have their guitars that way. But more commonly--especially if you don't have a superior professional setup job--the neck will be slightly "bowed".

Also, just to be absolutely clear-- if you are fretting at the 7th fret, it's not necessarily that fret that's causing the problem in that exact moment. It could be any fret from 8 onward. If the 7th fret is too low, it could be the problem. But if the 8th (or whatever) fret is too high, THAT's where the problem is. I hope I'm making sense. :D

The first step is to do a full setup, including adjusting height and relief (amount of bow-- which is itself a side-effect of the truss rod working to counteract string tension). If a full setup doesn't fix it, then you might be able to do (or have done) a fret levelling job, which means that the frets don't necessarily need replacing. If you or the luthier determine that this won't solve the problem either, than you can consider a full or partial refretting.


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