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sustainer installation


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Actually, there are 2 mini toggles.

And make certain that the elec cavaty will be able to fit the PCB.

Additionally, if the thickness is great between the cav route and the top finish of the guitar, you will need to cleanly counter sink the inside for the 2 mini toggles.

I tell you this, those mini toggles will not take any kind of tension.. the will pull out from their housing with very little.

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Last I knew there was only the FSK-401 available...

I know they were introducing a new, less expensive one but hadn't heard it came out yet...

You'd figure I would know this as I am a Fernandes dealer..

anyways, I based my response on the price of the pup ultraman stated.

The newer cheaper sustainers will not be costing 200-250 but a mere 125-150...

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is there any other companies that make sustainers besides fernandes?

if i never worked on a guitar before do you think i can do it right?

if not how much would it cost to get a tech to do it for me?

if i drill this hole and install the sustainer will it make the value go down?

or will it go up since i have an extra in the guitar?


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Um as far as I can tell, you cant change the value of an ibanez, other than buying one. You typically take a 30-40% cut once it isnt new...retail markup

This also goes for Gibson, fender, ect big brands

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