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Does Anyone Know Crataegus?


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I just love the grain of crataegus. and where I live it grows like grass.

The question is wether anyone has ever tried building any instrument whatsoever out of it.

this is just to save me from at lot of work cutting down and milling and drying and.... and..... and.... well... you know the drill.

It would be at pitty if it turned out looking great, but sounding like shooting poop from a wooden gun.

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I've played with a little bit of it once, just whittling.

I've never seen any big enough that I would consider using for instruments.

Aside from that, it would probably work well. It is fairly hard, close grained, and strong.

Has been used for tool handles.

How big do they get where you live?

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mostly they are about 6-8 inches burls but they may be found up to 15-20 inches thick or even more. Most of them grow in shrubs but some grow "lonely" and if they are alowed to get old (really old) they reach that "mammoth-size".

Here in Denmark they are considered both a blessing and a pest. the flowers contain some medical substances similar to ginseng, but if they are not tended to, they become almost impossible to do anything about (unless you use dynamite).

I guess that's why they are the ones chosen in the fairytale about sleeping beauty. (what a metaphore)

Well.... it seems to be worth the while thying to find a suitable piece for experimenting. Thanks for the reply.

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