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Marshal Amp Switch Question


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My guess is that it might not work. The problem being is that Marshall uses very specific circuits for their footswitches. I'm just guessing here but having tried to interchange lots of different Marshall parts between various amps without luck, I wouldn't count on this being a sure fire solution.

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the switch it has on the amp just has two wires to it a red and black, its a in out switch witch is what foot switch switch is correct? it would just be replacing one with the other. :D

Some warnings first. You need to know if the switch on the panel is carrying any serious DC voltage. Or if it is directly in the signal path somehow.

My guess is that it simply activates some switching electronics. So none of the above would be a problem, but you need to find out.

Then if your plan is to simply wire a footswitch in parallel with the existing switch it might work.

You also need to determine is if any of the wires at the switch is connected to chassis ground. It might not be the case. So the safest woud be to run a stereo shielded cable from the switch (If you'll put a jack in the backpanel, use a stereo jack) and run the hot wires to the footswitch keeping them isolated from chassis ground. Just use the chassis ground to shield the whole thing. I hope this explanation makes sense...

Of course if you happen to have the schematic PM me and I'll have a look at it for you.

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