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What Are These Pliers Called?


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Considering this thread is open and answered, I have a quicky question.

Where would be the best place to grab some fret tang nippers for cutting overhang fret ends for binded necks. I've seen stew macs and was just curious on what the general consensus is for best pair/best price. I don't mind spending the money for a quality long lasting product, so I just wanted to see what the word was on where I should buy from or even if I should buy them at all. They seem to be a very nifty little tool that could save you headaches, but I'll wait for some fret gurus opinions here. I'd imagine I could accomplish the task with the end nippers shown above, but I doubt it would be done as clean as with the actual tang nippers. I dunno, whats the word guys? J

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if it would be of any use or satisfaction for you to know they are called

BINDETANG in Danish it is the small version of the "KNIBTANG"

BINDETANG is pronounced like binne tang with the A you use in the word FATHER

and the KNIBTANG is pronounced kniw-tang.

hope you've enjoyed your first lesson in danish shop-talk-vocabulary.

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There ARE these:


Update: Picked up two pair of these, at the local Harbor Freight store, the other day: The large set I provided the link for, and a smaller pair. Already flush-ground the small pair. Still gotta do the larger pair. For the amount of fretwork I plan to do, I think they will suit me just fine, and if they go dull and unusable, or break in some way, I can pick up another pair in 20 minutes, and be back in the game.

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