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2 Q's How To Rout Neck Pickup On Neck Thrus?

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how do you rout the neck pickup cavity when the fretboard is in the way? i cant think of anyway that you could do it.

secondly, how do you flatten this scarf after you glue it like this? well i mean the part that sticks above the fretboard line? do you just plane it even with the fretboard line? i dont get it. like always.


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Yeah, with the headstock, just plane/route it even. I'm the type that sets up a router jig for EVERYTHING :D

Remember, though, that when you do that, it'll move your nut placement and scale up towards the headstock more, and shorten the length of your headstock. That's why I've been partial to the "PG Tutorial Approved" method found here.

You could draw the outline of the neck pickup on the body, and hog out most of the material with a drill press, and only set up the template to clean up the edges/bottom. You're probably looking at 1/2" difference to make the clearance over the fretboard.

Good luck, what's this build going to look like?

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