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Floyd Rose Nut Question

Liam M

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Hi guys,

I'm making some major progress, and I've profiled the neck of my guitar, its just about ready for a fretboard and a few finishing touches! Anyway, as far as the nut goes, I'm slightly puzzled, and need a bit of expert advice.

My guitar uses a Floyd Rose bridge, and as such a locking nut. You'll notice on allot of locking systems, the nut is kept in place by two bolts that go the entire way through the neck (Ibanez RG's are a good example). On other necks, I've see people use two small screws instead, rather that drill through the entire neck.

My question is this: Is there any advantage to using the bolt through method, over a few small screws?

Thanks for any help,


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I've modded a few guitars for Floyds, and used both types of mounting. I actually found it easier to install with the top-mount method, than the rear-mount, through bolts, cause getting the recesses for the heads of the bolts gave me some grief. I usually use my Dremel, in a drill press rig and a #115 shaping bit to make the recesses. On one occasion, I suffered a bit of tear-out in one of the recesses.

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