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Walnut Suitable For Fretless Neck?

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I plan to use Walnut for a fretless Bass or Guitar fretboard.

Is it sufficiently hard or will it wear too fast?

The Walnut Strat had walnut fretboard, but fretted, naturally.

Alternatively I can use Mahogany - not as good-looking though, too light.

Rosewood [Dalbergia spp] (probably Indian [Dalbergia Latifolia] ) is the alternative I most would prefer, but I know of NO retailers in Sweden (who sells Non-bulk).

Who is the best European Seller regarding Shipping Costs and Rosewood prices, for smaller volumes?

Any Euro Shops who sells these as short as 1m and at least 60mm wide: ?

Bubinga (African Rosewood)

Ebony (African, Indian)

Lignum Vitae (Pockenholz)


Jakaranda Rio (Brazilian Rosewood)


Venge, Wengé, Panga-panga

Tulipwood (Pinkwood)



Cocobolo [Dalbergia Retus]

Kingwood [Dalbergia Cearensis]

African Blackwood [Dalbergia Melanoxylon]

African Padauk (Camwood, Barwood)

Damson tree [Terminalia spp] < Indisk Lager >

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