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Clear Coat Yellowing?

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Alright. So what the hell is this? I stripped a charvel neck, painted it white, applied the decal, and began clear coating. I decided to use enamels: enamel primer, enamel paint, enamel clear gloss.

First few coats went on great, I applied a light mist every hour sanding lightly with 1200 grit sandpaper inbetween coats. I did a total of 7 coats I'd say... and it was pure clear! no yellow at all! Then I came back to spray the next coat and the damn clear had a yellow tinge to it! >8( like one of those aged white strats. This is NOT what I want.

Can anybody tell me what this is? Should I just sand down to the paint and try again? Is it something to do with solvents getting trapped under layers of clearcoat? Has the actual paintjob been discoloured or is it just shitty clear?

I want to use enamel - not some other type of clearcoat.

Is it because (later on at night time) I let it dry in complete darkness?

Thanks everyone, this is driving me nuts.

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I have always had extremely poor results using enamels for anything but simple art work. It's definitely not a durable finish and does not dry hard. I suggest you try a different finish because you will not get good results with enamels, they just aren't made for things with constant use such as a finish on a guitar.

I'm afraid I can't answer the yellowing question, but I never had any issue with my white enamel paint coat yellowing at all. Perhaps it is the finish that you're having the issue with, and not the paint job. Maybe letting it cure in an environment away from UV rays?

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