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Great Glue Scraper, Truss Rod Hardware?

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Ok I fished out my old pro-prep paint scraper from my painting days, and man, its perfecto-rama for scraping glue, as it has a trapezoid blade that allows you to dig in to any corner and control how much surface area of the top you contact.

These are nasty scrapers designed to scrape paint etc and get into ANY tight corner. Nice handle, but I dont see the trapezoid blade. You might check your local major paint store for these. But you want the trapezoid blade. I think it may be called the PAC-101 Flat Blade.

* Im doing the Kinkead style truss rod, does anyone know were to get the end screw nut thing to adjust the tension with from inside the box? Ive got the rod, and the brass end covered. I know stewi mac has em, Im looking for a hardware source.


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