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Installing Martin Style Truss Rod


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I am building my first guitar, and I am not sure of how to install the truss rod. It is a neck-thru guitar, and I have already made a neck blank, but have not cut it with a bandsaw yet. I have not routed a truss rod channel either. The truss rod I have is a martin style rod, it sits inside a metal housing which is square on one side, and is open on the other side, but sort of rounded.

I thought that I should install it with the rounded side facing the fingerboard, as the square side would fit better in the channel. But I tried tightening the truss rod before I install it, and it bends, so that the ends move up, which would make the neck bend forward. This is the same way as the strings pull the neck, and would make the truss rod quite pointless. I thought that instead I should install it with the square side facing the truss rod, which should bend the neck backward.

Does anyone know which way to install it?

I would also like to know if I need to use glue or epoxy, and what type. It seems to me that tightening the truss rod should make it flex, and push on the bottom of the fingerboard, which would make the fingerboard pop off of the neck. Would gluing the sides of the truss rod housing to the channel prevent this from happening?



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Glue it in the cavity, using a 30 minute epoxy. Tape the open part of the channel if it is not already taped up. Also WAX (Johnsons paste wax or something similar) the the nut, threads and the rod at the adjusting end so the epoxy will not stick if you get some on it. Try and bring the epoxy close to the adjustment end without getting it in the actual adjustment area. I use a small glue brush to apply the epoxy to the channel (a very thin layer) and then set the truss rod. The Truss rod should fit tight to begin with, before gluing. I hope this makes some since?


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