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Inlaying Into Purpleheart

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I just finished up a few laser cut padauk inlays to put into my purpleheart headstock. I've done this sort of thing with ebony before, as in filling the gaps between the inlay and the wood with wood dust and epoxy and it worked wonders with the ebony. My question is how well can this be done, as in inlaying into purpleheart? Will the results be as good? Will the boarders between the inlay and wood show?

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Try it first on some scrap. The USUAL problem encountered is that wood dust + glue doesn't always equal the same hue as the wood alone (the glue type adds some coloring, etc.). So use some purpleheart scrap, route any old random small channel in it, and hten fill it how you think would be best, let dry, and then sand high and polish out and see how noticeable it is. That'll give you a good idea.


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