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Volume No-load-pot?


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Hi everybody. I just thought this. The tone no-load mod is very useful as it let you get rid of at least 250kohms **** in the whole wiring.

I'd like to do a similar thing for a volume pot. You think that's possible?

The slider in a no load pot comes off the end of the resistance track at "10". If you do this with a volume control, the output jack and the pickup would no longer be connected. It might be possible to have a switch on the back of the pot that would make this connection at "10", kind of like the system used on old radios where the power switch is part of the volume pot. But that was at the other end of the rotation. I do not know of a pot that does what you want.

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If you don't use your volume pot to control volume, you could use a kill switch. It would eliminate the load.

Why do you want to eliminate the load of the volume pot? If you think it's darknening your tone, switch to 1meg. The "load" is a good thing. If you eliminate the volume pot, there's still a "load" on the pickup--the input of the amp.

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