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Connector holes

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im preparing to do my connector holes with connect the bridge pickup cavity to the controls cavity...and my friend just messed up on his bass so i was wonder what tool do you guys use to drill this hole? or special setup or tips? thanks...also the connector hole that connects the neck pickup to the bridge pickup seems easy enough...just a horizontal hole...thanks

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It's not a "special tool", but a long drill bit.

True, the distance between the control cavity and p/u cavity isn't that great, but that's not the point. The problem lies in the drill itself. If you just attach a regular bit, and then try to drill, you'll notice all that bulk at the tip of the drill. You simply cannot get a good position to get the angle you need. A long bit allows you to move the bulk of the drill out of the way...

I have seen som drills that have a "swivel head", that allows it to turn 90 degrees from the body of the drill, but you still have to deal with the bulk of the chuck and such...

Or maybe there is something out there that I just don't know about.....?

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dido on the long drill bit part, here's the ones i use, 11$ on sale right now at busybeetools.com... i find it easier to drill from the back of the guitar towards to neck pickup instead of the reverse if you have rear rout guitar and you want to do it that way, or you can just drill a hole directly to the bridge pickup rout...


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