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Car Paint Clear Laquer Question(s)

Guest Mavet

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Hi, I'm about to finish my first guitar and have some questions:

1. does anybody have any direct experience with a specific 2 component car paint to recommend.

2. also, i noticed that some brands use 21 thinner and some use 11 thinner. what is the difference between the two?

3. Can the same lacquer be used as sealer, or should I look for, well, SEALER?

Thanks in advance for all future answers.

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1. There are many good brands and paints. It's more about equipment conditions etc. and mostly the magician not the wand.

2. Thinner or reducer. They are usually different temperatures related to how fast the paint should dry for different spraying conditions or effects.

3. Read the tech sheets for any paint you are thinking of using. They will specify what you can and can't do. You may get away with not following them but your experimenting at that point.

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