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Carved Top Progress And Q's

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I'm slowly gettin' things done and I'd like some opinions.

#1-I'd like to carve the neck heel to follow the body curve. My brain tells me that might cause a little neck instability with less wood being on one side. What do you think?DSCN2789.jpg

#2-I have the top carved pretty good. Still needs a little tweaking but it's close. I'm thinking maybe I should soften the area where it starts to to rise from the edge of the body. I think the horns definately need a little more taken off. The middle of the carve is 1/2 the thickness of the top which I thought would be a good starting point. Thoughts?

pic #2

pic #3

#3-I've been set on staining the top red since I started but you know how that goes. It'll probably be whatever color seems best at the time I'm ready to do it. I've considered blue and umber also. It'll have all chrome hardware including the pups. What color would it be if you were doing it?


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Butterscotch Carmel in colour looks hot with chrome hardware,

If it were mine, i would smoothe the carve a little more and take some more outta the horns, the body looks ok to me, maybe just a smidge more in the waist area,


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I tried to make these links and it wont work. :D I tried copying different links on photoshop and this is the only one that sticks. I've done it before :D I got the message that image tags arent allowed when I tried to post them differently.

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