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Coil Tapping A Sustainer Pickup


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I'm not sure what you mean here. Are we talking the commercial units or the DIY sustainer that I developed within the monster thread...

If you make a DIY driver/pickup...you can do what you like with the pickup.

Are you thinking of coil tap as in using only one coil of a humbucker...you might have to make it a bit more clear...also would get more varied responses on the actual thread, no need to try and read it...just tag along...


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Sorry about the confusion. What I meant was, could I coil tap a commercial sustainer, such as a Fernandez FSK 101. And I was wondering if I could wire it so that a humbucker could become a single coil if I chose to lift up on the tone pot. I am not looking to install one. I'm just curious.

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