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Where Can I Get Individual Tuners?

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I have 2 projects at the moment and i need tuners. I want to know who sells individual tuners (Sperzel, gotoh or schaller) and ships outside USA.

I saw this web, but they only ship to USA


My idea it's for the 8 string, black tuners 4+4


and for the 7 string, reversed headstock in chrome


Thanks. Frank.

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Yeah, I had the same trouble! I'm in the UK here.

I'm getting a set of 7 Wilkinson locking tuners from this guy on the 'Bay - used him many times before, and he's VERY reliable!

You will have to email him and ask directly for 7 tuners, or whatever else you need; he has lots of stuff in stock not listed at that time.

Hope this helps bro'!


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Thanks to both, i saw guys selling also wilkinson tuners on USA ebay for 28 dollars aprox, but they won't make a custom pack of tuners.

It could well be worth trying the guy I've suggested. He's on ebay UK site, use the link I gave, or search for CH Guitars. I'm sure he'd give you a price including delivery for 7 or 8 tuners. He has several types, styles and colours to choose from!


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warmoth sells individual schaller locking tuners.


But i think that when they ship them to me they will doesn't put that the product it's a gift or something like it. Because here the customs are a ****, we have a lot of taxes to pay.

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