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Guitar Rebuild, Neck Pocket Questions

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I have a guitar i'm rebuilding, an ibanez gax, i know piece of junk! but i love the shape of it!

anyway i bought a neck that isn't quite wide enough, by about a 32nd of an inch i've tried shimming it with a piece of cherry, sanded it down, but i can't get the neck to sit straight in the neck pocket. I believe its mostly to do with not being able to create an exactly flat surface on the insides of the shims, but i'm not totally sure if i'm doing something else wrong, or missing a crucial step in the process of having it hold the neck in straight. i'll post pictures of it later, so you can get idea of what i'm dealing with here...but i'm sure you can sort of get an idea with my description.

Also, i built a neck extension the correct the scale length difference with existing bridge routes, but i may end up having to fill them, re-drill them anyway...i don't really mind re-drilling holes, i just want to get this neck pocket to hold my neck in straight!

any ideas fellas?

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Simplest thing would be to fill the neck pocket with a block of wood, then reroute the neck pocket to fit the neck. Of course, the screws are there to hold things in place too.

But it really sounds more like you just have the wrong neck --I mean, it's the wrong heel size AND it's the wrong scale.

So my advice would be to set this neck aside, and pick up a different neck that is the right scale--chances are, it'll fit the neck pocket too.

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You have to make sure the scale is the same scale length. Even though you might have it adjusted so that the nut is the correct distance to the bridge, your 12th fret is not going to fall in the middle. All of the fret slots are based on the scale length. So if the scale of the neck and the guitar body setup are different, all of your notes except open ones, are going to out of tune.

I agree with Mickgaurd. Get a piece of hardwood, shape it and sand it to fit as tightly as possible in the current neck pocket and then glue it. The using one of the neck pocket methods listed throught the posts on this sight, cut the neck pocket to match the neck you have.

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