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Truss Rod Channel Depth

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I just started my first neck project. I ordered the 2-way Hot Rod from Stewmac. It requires a 7/16" (11.1mm) channel. I play mostly Jackson guitars, which have very thin neck profile. I will try to get as close as possible to this size. Neck at 1st fret should be about 0.8" (20mm). that includes a 6mm fretboard. The actual neck size is 13-14mm.

With a 11mm channel, that leaves only 2-3mm of wood under the truss rod. This is a little scary isnt' it? :D Should I go with a fatter profile with this truss rod?

Let me know,



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would have let you use a thinner neck. I wouldn't have the guts to leave only 2mm of wood. But I think that this have been discussed a couple of times. Use the serach function and see if anything turns up.

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I did some search. I found some interesting information. I just need comments, so I will feel more confident before routing the channel.


Looks like the 'safest' thickness of wood I must leave under the rod is about 0.125" (3.1mm). Neck is hard maple.

From the Martin Koch book: This means that only 5mm (3/16") of wood will be left under the truss rod. When you finally shape the neck it will become even less.

So I assume I will be OK with approx 3-4mm.

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I had a problem with a strat neck. I had it on a guitar and i thought that it would be a nice idea to carve it like a wizard. The problem was that when i was carvin it the truss rod apeared, so i had to fill the hole and paint the neck.

I think that 3-4mm is ok.

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