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Anywhere To Refinish A Bass?

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I have a cheap ESP Viper-104 bass. I'm going to purchase a Gibson Thunderbird for my main bass and I'm looking to fix this bass up (new bridge/tuners, new pickups/electronics etc.). The problem is i hate the color of my bass and i can't see to find any shops online that paint bodies and necks not made at their shop.

So I'm just wondering if anyone knows anywhere i could send the body and neck to get refinished.

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Anyone who is going to do a good job of it is also going to charge you more than that bass is worth. For instance, if you sent it to me, wanted me to disassemble, paint, and reasseble it, I'd probably charge about $300-$500, depending on different details. If you wanted me to strip it down to bare wood and then do something with it, I'd just turn it down. Stripping a guitar down is labor intensive and not a whole lot of fun.



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