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Correct Truss Rod Length

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What is the correct length for a gotoh double action style trussrod ?

I was thinking that it should be from the nut to the neck joint ( in this case the 19th fret) .

But I've seen lots of photos where the rod extends into the guitar body.

Is my trussrod OK ?



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What about Kramer's 36 fret F-1 Guitar or Washburn's EC 36, Or even those 36-fret 12 string 35" scale Basses - Jerzy Drozd, Cirrus - whose Necks goes deep into the Body ?

How long are those Truss-Rods?

Or on a trough-neck Guitar? What is needed, or the Rule of thumb?

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Rule of thumb is right up there: length of the fingerboard. Most all truss rods for all fairly normal scale guitars (from gibson short to fender long) use standard 18"-ish fingerboards as sold by most guitar suppliers.

Basses use bass truss rods.

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