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Modifying A Headstock On A Blueridge Guitar

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When I travel to play elswhere I take a Blueridge BR160 guitar -- instead of my expensive ones

because I don't want to lose them in flight (I've had this happen). But this Blueridge plays and sounds fantastic, especially for flatpicking.

But I can't stand the headstock-- the shape or that elaborate decal. So, I had an idea. What If I could enlarge it so that it looks more squared off like a Collings? More like a standard flatpicking guitar. I think it could look very cool.

So, I thought I could carefully glue some pieces to the sides and top to square it off. Then glue a very nice rosewood overlay on top -- that would really enhance the look of it and make it impossible to notice that anything was ever done.

Does anyone think this is possible and have any ideas on how I would do it?



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I like the inlay on the bluebridge, although it is very busy.

I think you would have to square the headstock off first before gluing the other pieces on because

1/ the buttons of the machine heads would be very close to the headstock due to the extra timber.

2/ It may be difficult getting the correct radius for the corners and the top of the headstock, unless you veneer the top and bottom of it, then you may have a thickness problem.

3, trying to blend the new in with the neck -to- headstock profile could be tricky.

However you could just put a thin veneer on the face of the headstock ( making sure the machine heads still fit ) and trim the edges to fit the original.

The headstock shape stays the same but you haven't got all the decal on it

P.S you say you take it rather than your expensive ones, from a quick google ( I had not heard of them b 4 ) $950 is a reasonable amount of money in my book for a guitar. Why not part ex it for something you like more?

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a pal posted this on another forum....

(Jam session BTW)

This is under contstruction but I will let you know whats going on so far...

I'm bulding a flying V with a own buildbody but I've use a Epiphone neck wich I glue into to body with a special trix of my own.


(on the pics the neck not in fit)

Can something be more ugly than the terrible Epiphonehead?




Time to "kill" the head :cool:


And it's already look alright!


New "wings" in maple...


Going to be something like this... have'nt decide yet if I should go the Gibsonway or my own...

and heres the finished article....


OK, it's not an acoustic, but yes, it can be done.......

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Brilliant job! That's just what My idea was for this acoustic. I'm laughing because it's exactly what I was

dreaming up. Only difference is that you painted this one, and I would be varnishing mine with a lacquer. So, it seems my challenges are 1) to find a wood with similar grain and 2) to make sure the lacquer is the same. Here's an example of what the headstock looks like-- and I just want to square it off like a Collings.

I can't figure out how to show an image...

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One thing I'd do differently - orient the tip section so it has the game grain as the rest. As it is, you'll get a glue line which will telegraph through the finish, and possibly even crack it - wood expands and contracts very little along the grain, and quite a lot across it, so a glued crossgrain section like that may cause trouble.

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Thanks for the post.

You motivated me to redo my Epi headstock.

Great work.


Quick edit...Setch, where are you in London?

I go often to Sevenoaks to visit in-laws and my wife and I just got a teeny-tiny flat in Four Elms, near Edenbridge, south of you.

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