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Reverse Wind, Reverse Polarity


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I am making a set of P-90s. I know on a humbucker, you connect start to start and finish to finish, and have opposite magnetic polarity for each coil. Should these pickups be the same way to get hum cancellation with both pickups selected? (This will be ultra-simple wiring w/Gibson style switch).

My feeling is, yes. But I just want to get some input. Thanks.

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From what I understand (I am winding my first set of pickups now, so I am by no means and expert) by reversing the wires on one of the pickups, in addition to the reversed polarity, you will achieve hum canceling when both pickups are in use.

I don't think you have received any responses to this because of the wealth of information that exists on the forum already about it.

Perhaps next time a quick search before posting :D

Good luck!


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Steve might recognize this...

Reverse winding goes hand in hand with revered polarity for the magnets

(RWRP=reverse winding reverse polarity) and will produce hum cancellation in

position 2 and 4 on a Strat and the middle position on any two-pickup


Reverse polarity can be done by spinning the bobbin the other way. But there

is a simpler way! It is all about "the path to ground". You can actually

wind them in the same direction and then flip the start/end leads on one

pickup (phase shifting). If you have the same magnetic polarity you would

get an almost complete cancellation of sound if using both pickups at the

same time. But by "flipping" the magnetic field on one of the pickups the

signal will be phase shifted again and thus "in phase" with each other. The

only thing that is out of phase with each other is hum from the two pickups.

That means the hum will be cancelled.

Simply put:

Wind as usual. Flip the magnets. Use the start as "hot" for one pickup and

the end as "hot" on the other.

Good luck

And BTW, the search engine is in deed a good start

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