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Perspex Laminate


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I'm wanting to do something fairly different for a guitar I'm in the process of designing. Primarily I'm wanting a mirror top, and will likely use an acrylic mirror to keep weight down, and have something more durable than glass. However, a plain mirror top is likely to wind up looking a little boring, so I want to spice it up.

One thing that sprang to mind while watching a random German movie from the sixties about vampire-lesbians (true story apparently :D) was the idea of a mirror finish streaked with blood (or something that looks close enough).

My immediate thoughts on how to achieve this would be by creating a laminate where a transparent layer sandwiches the "blood" against the mirror, not unlike a microscope slide (but not spread so thin). Obviously, I'd like to avoid glass, but I'm worried about the flexibility of acrylics leading to an uneven contact between the two surfaces.

The other concern I have is with gluing. Since the contact will be completely visible, I'm assuming I'd have to go with a perfectly even layer of glue across the entire surface to keep it invisible. Also, my experience with gluing plastic is that the glue itself reacts with the surface - would epoxy react only with itself and not damage the transparency, or would I need something else entirely?

Alternately, is there a way I can avoid the whole laminating idea, and maybe just spray a clear finish over the bloody mirror?

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I had the idea a while back to do something kind of similar.....although no spam vampires were involved......which is a bit of a pity.

I got the ida from a mousemat that my mate had. It had a plain white layer of plastic with a see through plastic top sealed all the way round. In this watertight sandwich there was some blue liquid which swished about as you used it. You sould see if you could do that, not sure how you'd make the cracked mirror effect, but if you used some Mylar, then that would give you your mirror.

Not the best explaination, so just say if I've confused you.

Kaj :D

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