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Am I On The Right Track With This Bigsby?


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ok so far iv have an epipohne les paul custom and i had a bigsby installed unfortunately it wasn't installed properly and now i am trying to fix it.

the original bushings are in the way of the screws so i have taken them out (they just pulled out very clean) and i have made a piece of round mahogany blank about 0.2mm bigger than the posts holes so it will fit in snugly.

what i am planning to do is cut pieces of the mahogany blank and glue them in with pvr yellow wood glue (stronger than pva) to ensure a solid fit, then i plan to paint over this with ebony black nail polish i have used to touch up a guitar before and jimmi Hendrix used it on a few of his guitars so it seem the way to go.

then im just going to straighten the bigsby out and install it as usual.

i just need to know if there is anything else i need to do.

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