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Question On An Lp Fretboard

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I'm in the VERY early planing stages of building a LP and I need to know what the fretboard radius is, or did they change them through the years? I've searched online and have found nothing to answer my question.

If they did change them, what were they, and what did they go to?


B-rad from Akron

As far as I know the FB radius of the Les Paul (and of basically all Gibson electrics to date) has always been 12".

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12" is the standard for LP's. You can do something different if you prefer a different fretboard radius, but then you'll need to adjust the saddles of the TOM bridge as they are set for 12" radius as standard. I beleive you can deepen the notches where required to get a different radius, just as you would slot a nut.


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Actually, we liver in Barberton, but no one knows where it's at, so I put Akron. I see you do the same thing.

B-rad from Akron

I know what ya mean. Embarassing.. I've heard of Barberton but don't know where it is... :D

Good luck on the Les Paul. :D

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