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Tele Bass Plate

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I was wondering if anyone knows of where I can find the chrome plate on a tele where the pickup fits into, at the bridge area? If you know what I am talking of. I am attempting to look into building a bass tele and I can not find the plate seperate from the bridge(considering you can't use the bridge that would be attatched since I am making it into a bass). The Bigsby kits for a tele have the plate independent from the bridge but I cant find the plate anywhere else, and I dont want to buy the Bigsby kit just for the chrome plate...are they even made or would I have to attempt to make one by cutting off the bridge part, which I have the feeling that it wouldnt turn out. Sorry if this is confusing I don't know how else to explain it I will try to get a picture up of what I want...Thanks Here is the pic ...Tele.jpg

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