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I am trying to source Pole screws for the P90's that I am building. What material is best suited for this use? I can get 6-32 Fillister head screws in stainless (18-8) which seems to be about the only option, however that alloy is non-magnetic. Which in my mind poses an obvious issue in using them for pickups. I can't seem to find the same screws in 440 anywhere (at least here in Ontario) I even checked Ebay.

I am curious to know if this is indeed a factor, and what other's use for pole screws?



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The pole screws sold by Stwmac are not "vintage correct" as they are metric. But that doesn't make any difference in sound. Only makes it harder for some to find a tap for them. But I live in Europe so an M3 tap is iwhat I have.

But you can use alsmost any screw att all (exept brass and stainless ass you have pointed out). Before I started to buy in bulk I just got what the hardware store had. So I have zink-plated M3 with way bigger heads in my earlier pickus. It looks a bit odd but work very well. No corrosion either. I just polished the zink coating a bit and they got a decent shine. Not like those cromed "real" pole screws, but nice enough to use.

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