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Double Neck Nearly Done.......

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Ah to be 14 again!!

here's one of my pupils road testing the doubleneck.......

it's prize night tonight and he's playing guitar in a m,usical interlude and he BEGGED me.....

but it's still got as couple of dead frets so I had to be a meanie & say no!!


spose I could give y'all a link to a soundclick..........


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Oh all right!!


walnut back & sides

Sitka Spruce top,

leopardwood rosette.

mahogany binding,

maple/mahogany/maple necks with EIR fretboards.

12th fret neck join to reduce the head heavy feel

3mm MOP fret marker dots on the edges

bridge is EIR from a coffee table.......

a pair of piezos under the saddles straight to the strap jack

bone nuts, saddles & pins (only 6 pins on the 12 neck so yes, 2 strings per pin.......)

and yes, the bracing is a custom hybrid Axx sort of thing......






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One pic per post please!!!
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You have a BBC B/Acorn in the room!!

A truly beautiful instrument. Quirky, but clean and very functional in design

the BBC or the doubleneck? :D

I edited your post because there is a 1 pic per post rule here, and I don't know why, but I waited almost 4 minutes and your pics were not loaded on my PC. And I'm on Comcast.

oops, sorry!!


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Nope, not even slightly.

This is a VERY common mis conception, and one I held until recently.

it's not the strings vibrating over the soundhole that makes the sound.

it's the strings driving the bridge, which makes the top vibrate which pushes the air in & out.

Bear in mind Tacoma & McPherson have soundholes way up on the top edge.......

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